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Tabletop holder

Tabletop holder

Table top holder, polypropylene, black.

Holders can alternatively be screwed to the table top.

Dimensions: diameter 55 mm, height 25 mm incl. shaft, mounting plate 5 mm (with cover 7 mm). Optional with capping for optimal slip resistance.

A new design by Adam Wieland, the table top holder is anti-slip rubber stopper and mounting plate in one piece. Made completely of black polypropylene, it significantly reduces the risk of a slipping table top.

If you do not want to damage the underside of your table top or you want to use a glass top, the capping available for the table top holder offers the perfect balance of security and aesthetics. The very soft rubber compound combined with the large support surface provides ultimate slip resistance, while the capping is held securely in place in the recesses.

Both the table top holder and the capping are exclusively made in Germany and fit all E2 table frames and height adjusters by Adam Wieland. Since 1965 and still today.

Tabletop holder for height adjustor
Tabletop holder for table frame

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