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What E2 works best for you

Which frame fits which tabletop … and vice versa?


The right size for your dream table

Adam Wieland offers you the possibility to customize your E2 according to individual criteria in addition to set offers. For this purpose, E2 table frames are available in two basic versions (central and offset cross braces) with 2 different heights, 2 widths, and 3 depths. The matching tabletops can vary greatly depending on personal preference and use. Thanks to our own production workshop, we are also able to manufacture special custom sizes for your E2.

To make planning easier for you, we have compiled the most important dimensions and reference points and made them available for download.


The right table frame

Central or offset cross braces

Functional. Central or offset: Depending on whether you use the E2 as a desk, conference table or dining table, the cross braces in the central or offset positions always ensure optimal function.

The E2 with offset cross braces is ideal for use as a desk or drawing table in the office and home office area. If you want to use the E2 as a dining table or meeting table, you need a table frame with central cross braces, as the table is used from all sides and therefore requires more legroom.


What height is suitable for the table?

What to consider when purchasing

For use as a drawing table, the configuration with the original height of 660 mm is sufficient. This makes the rear area of the tabletop easily accessible. For use as a desk, writing, or dining table, we recommend a height of 720 mm from the bottom edge of the tabletop. Two configurations are available:

1. Choose an E2 table frame with a height of 660 mm and combine it with a set of height adjusters.

2. Choose an E2 table frame with a height of 720 mm. Please note that height adjusters add at least 20 mm, anti-slip caps add about 10 mm, and casters add about 75 mm.

A tabletop with a thickness of 25-30 mm brings your E2 to the desired ideal table height of 750 mm. For a children’s table with the standard height of 520 mm, we recommend long height adjusters, as children grow quickly.


Tips for attaching the tabletop

Lay or screw tight?

The tabletops rest loosely on the caps of the table frames or the height adjusters and overhang on all sides. Since our tabletops are heavy enough, the safe stand of the tabletop is guaranteed. If you want to additionally secure the tabletop against slipping, you can place it on our tabletop carriers (optionally with anti-slip cover) or suction cups.

With our tabletop carriers, you can also screw the tabletop. However, this will damage the underside of the tabletop and you will not be able to flip it if needed.

You cannot combine tabletop reinforcements with suction cups or tabletop carriers. However, you can screw the tabletop directly to the tabletop reinforcements.


When is the use of tabletop reinforcements useful?

Bending-stiff support surface for the tabletop

All melamine-coated tops we carry are characterized by special bending strength. For standard configurations or sets, the tabletop reinforcement is only useful if you can expect special loads – beyond normal use. This can be the case with very heavy office equipment that you place on the table. If you place a thinner tabletop or a top made of special material from another manufacturer, it is also advisable to supplement your E2 with tabletop reinforcements.

Handling is very simple: The tabletop reinforcement is placed on the table legs or the height adjusters and creates an additional bending-stiff support surface for the top. However, we only recommend these from a table width of 1350 mm and depending on the tabletop or the weight to be supported.

You cannot combine tabletop reinforcements with suction cups or tabletop carriers. However, you can screw the tabletop directly to the tabletop reinforcements.

If you are unsure, you can contact us at any time. We are happy to advise and support you with your furnishing project.

What are PC holders and cable channels for?

Organized work

No cable clutter: For the office and object area, we have developed a special accessory program. The cable channel is hung under the tabletop between the side parts to optimally store power and computer cables.

The cable channel is made of perforated sheet metal and is available in various surface finishes. It is also suitable for retrofitting existing E2 table frames.

PC holders for all common computer systems: The PC holder is as simple as the E2 and is in the context of constructive clarity. We developed the PC holder together with Berlin product designer Kai Funke. The PC holder is simply hung on the side of the table frame and accommodates all common computer systems. A simple strap system secures the case. The holder is available in all surfaces except stainless steel and is also suitable for retrofitting older table frames.


Height adjusters for the E2

All about heights and depths

The E2 by Adam Wieland is characterized by high functionality. Our accessory program proves this day by day in the office and work world. Whether as a drawing or standing table, architects and designers appreciate the height adjusters, which allow the height and inclination of the tabletop to be individually adjusted to personal work preferences.
Height adjusters are available in various versions with normal caps, tabletop carriers, or suction cups. Height adjusters can also be retrofitted to all frames.


Download area E2 purchase advice

Advice tips, assembly instructions, and care

To ensure that no questions remain unanswered about your E2 table, we provide you with all the information on the subject of purchase advice and individual configuration as a download. Here you will find all documents on the topics of purchase advice and accessories as well as assembly instructions and care.

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