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E2 Configurator

Configuration 1/1


MDF with melamine coating, white, smooth, matt, with real beech wood edge band (2 mm thick). The edges are double treated with a water and acid resistant, food-safe finish for optimal protection against dirt and stains. They are rounded with a 2 mm radius of curvature.
Incidentally, our table tops offer superior quality on both sides. This means that you effectively get 2 tops in one: if the top side becomes marred after years of use, simply turn it over and you practically have a new table. You’ll love it, and so will the environment.
Weight: approx. 28 kg (depending on design)

E2 Table base

Table frame, can be dismantled.
Round steel tube, outer diameter: 21.3 mm, wall thickness: 1.75 mm.
2 side frames, 2 crossbars centred or offset.
Screws and PVC plugs included. Table top not included.
Weight: 6.0–7.5 kg (depending on design)

Felt channel
Cable channel (metal)
Table top support
Screws for table frame (9 spare screws and 9 spare nuts)


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