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This is, in effect, what we have felt all along about our new building, but it’s nice to be confirmed. Our premises on Egon-Eiermann-Allee received an Award for Exemplary Building in the City of Karlsruhe 2012–2018 from the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects.


The jury stated, “Thoughtful details endow the building with its desired elegance despite its rough shell.” This description especially applies to the interiors. Paired with a functionally minimalist spatial and design concept as determined by the table manufacturer, the building task is optimally solved in an exceptionally appropriate manner to the circumstances. The outer shell, however, reacts less independently, even unexpectedly to the neighbouring residential development.


Bau Alt Text


In October, the awards were officially presented at Karlsruhe City Hall under the patronage of Mayor Frank Mentrup. Our heartfelt thanks to ARGE archis – knowspace – thinkbuild: archis Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH, Karlsruhe | KNOWSPACE architecture + cities BDA, Berlin | thinkbuild architecture BDA, Berlin and zwo/elf, Karlsruhe (exhibition concept).


Photos: Christian Ernst

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